It’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

You know what’s missing from the title of this post, right? Yep…a week number. Unfortunately, this one’s not about a project. It’s about a pretty significant change in our life that should explain our lengthy silence.

We moved. With a wake of tears behind us, we left Minneapolis in the middle of July for the north shore of Chicago. We were able to celebrate Jay’s fifth birthday with all of his friends, and we managed to squeeze in dinners with just about everyone we love before we departed for Illinois. We put our house up for sale, waved goodbye to the moving van, took one last whirl around the lake, and the children and I hopped a plane while Arun embarked on an epic drive with the dogs and cat (who managed to break free from his cat carrier about two hours in, driving the dogs and my dear husband insane for much of the journey).

My love for the Twin Cities unfolded gradually over nearly five years until I found that I could barely stand to leave. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said we hated it for the first year. But the Cities forgave us and grew around us, forcing our family to tear up some painfully deep roots as we left. What our fate will be in Chicago, we don’t know, but our experience in Minnesota has taught us that all of those clichés about home being where the heart is and where you hang your hat or where your low-flow toilet overflows (that’s how it goes, right?) are true, and eventually, our new city will become home.

So here we are, in a lovely home in Highland Park, with our boxes unpacked, school about to begin, and the summer nearly over. But we all know what’s missing right? There’s not a single Hokey Pokey Project under our belts! That’s not to say we’re lacking inspiration. We’ve got loads of ideas floating around. So stay tuned. The Hokey Pokey is about to hit Chicagoland in a small but happy way.

Farewell, Minneapolis! (Insert cat here.)

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