Is This Thing On?

You’re still here, right? I’m still here. What do you mean, “Where have you been?” I’ve been…uh…doing stuff. Where have you been? Where are the pleading emails? The begging Facebook posts? Huh, HUH? Where are our adoring fans? Ask not what your blogger can do for you, my friends. Ask what you can do for your blogger.

Did that work? Did that distract you from the fact that we’ve been gone for a while? No? Darn it, Barbie. It was worth a shot.

Our world has turned upside down and back again several times over since my last post. Our feet were firmly under us a couple months into our move, and then I had to go and take a job. I know, right? I sold out. Not for money, either–I’m not getting paid to increase my day-to-day stress and neglect our blog readers–no, I returned to work for the sake of a great idea. One that might just make your life better on a daily basis. See…sooo…I didn’t go to work and abandon you. I’m doing something very Hokey-Pokey-ish. Plus, I get to work out of the house in my pajamas. And let’s all be honest, that’s a crucial negotiation point in any job. Do you want to know all about it? Settle down. Settle down. I’ll share very, very soon.

Moving beyond that, the kids are happily settled into their new school, and I volunteered got suckered into to do some work on the annual fundraising auction. It’s an art project. I know, right? Most people really do get suckered into helping their schools with something like this, but I actually volunteered. Eek. That was before I found out I had to do it with Jay’s class. I thought I was going to spend a quiet weekend decoupaging my butt off in the privacy of my own home; instead, I’ll be spending four hours at the school with thirteen four and five year olds, trying desperately to get them to place their paint-covered hands “just so” as we try to make an animal-themed bookshelf. Hm…now that I’ve described it, I’m realizing I might have been suckered in after all. The good news? I have another rockin’, hyper-organized mom helping me out on it, so it should be good. We’ll post photos once it’s done. Maybe you’d like to place a private bid? Help out a little Midwest elementary school, filled with super sweet kids?

I miss you all. Have I said that yet? I do.

I said something a while back about not having much time, and someone pointed me to the famous H. Jackson Brown quote, “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” You know what I say to that? Some of them didn’t have kids, and the ones who did all had wives.* Are you with me on that? I know you are.

All of this rambling is intended to divert your attention from the fact that we are still projectless in our new town. We’ve been short on time, but we’re putting the Hokey Pokey Project high on the priority list this month. After all, this is the best time of year to show our family’s gratitude for the little things that make us smile.

Thank you for standing by. Our normal programming will resume shortly.



*Don’t fact check that. I did some quick googling, but didn’t really have hours to spend reading Albert Einstein’s complete bio. Just be nice and nod along.

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